Terms & Conditions

Purchase And Dispatch Terms

  1. Purchase order will be given by the customer minimum 30 days before delivery of his/her live stock with minimum 50% amount of total cost of PO via NEFT/RTGS/DD/Cash (with receipt).
  2. Quantity of animals can be increased after providing PO but customer cannot decrease the quantity of livestock after providing the PO. Amendment in PO can only be possible in next 48 hrs. of generating the PO. All amendments will be done only when customer will inform us “GAUR AGRO” in writing.
  3. Customer if is not any commercial firm/company and does not have his own PO format can take PO format by us “GAUR AGRO”.
  4. PO can be given via E-mail/ Letter/ Telephone/ SMS/Whatsapp. (In any writing format).
  5. Before generating the PO, Customer should visit our farm for his/her satisfaction.
  6. Advance amount will not be non-refundable in case of PO cancellation.
  7. Customer can take training for his new project of pig farming at “GAUR AGRO”.
  8. Dispatch date will be finalised by the mutual consent of customer and by us “GAUR AGRO”
  9. If there is any delay in purchasing of animals by customer after delivery date, all expenditures (feed, labour, and misc.) will be given by the customer. (When purchasing will be done in pcs.)
  10. At the time of dispatch customer must be available on our farm “GAUR AGRO” and transportation arrangements will be done by the customer, Other roadside misc. expenditures (Toll tax, food of driver etc.) will be managed by the customer.
  11. We “GAUR AGRO” will not be responsible of any type of roadside hurdles like accident, traffic jam, repaire and maintenance of vehicle and mortality of animals.
  12. Health certificate is must and will be issued by the Vat. Officer of Narora, Charges will be @Rs.50/-Only each animal given by customer.
  13. Transport certificate is necessary (According to the rule of UP Govt. “Form 16- Schedule-K, Rule No. 83”) will be issued by the Vat. Officer of Narora, Charges will be @Rs.50/-Only each animal given by customer.
  14. Expenditure of Transit insurance (if taken by the customer) will be given by the customer.
  15. Loading labour charges will not be given by us “GAUR AGRO”
  16. No replacement of animals after dispatch.
  17. Our policy is No Credit.


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